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Digital economy
Martin Breitsprecher designs digital strategies and innovative business models for companies and startups.
Martin Breitsprecher offers expertise and strategic advice on all aspects of blockchain and digital ledger technology.
Healthcare market
Martin Breitsprecher is working as a management consultant in the European healthcare industry for 15 years.

At the interface between IT and business.

Martin Breitsprecher is an entrepreneur and developer. He combines many years of strategic management competence with pronounced technological expertise and supports companies in all aspects of digitization.

What can I do for you?

No matter whether you are looking for short-term support or long-term assistance: I would be happy to support you strategically and operationally. I can work with you to make your project a success. Just get in touch with me.
Business model development
Generation, visualization and analysis of business models, identification of potentials and weak points, development of strategic success factors
Marketing concept
Development of target-group-oriented communication strategies, definition of marketing instruments, planning and support of activities
Market analysis
Analysis of the market environment, the relevant markets and the competitive landscape through desk research, primary surveys and expert interviews
Speeches and workshops
Impulse lectures, keynotes, presentations, webinars and workshops on blockchain, cyber security, digital transformation and digital health
Ad hoc expertise
Assessments of strategies, business models and technologies, participation in interviews, involvement in supervisory boards, committees and panels
Websites and pitches
Conception and development of web applications and mobile solutions, design and creation of investor-friendly pitches and business plans

My specialties

Blockchain and Bitcoin
The blockchain heralds a new age of the Internet, comparable to the invention of the World Wide Web. I am here to help you take advantage of this revolutionary technology.
Cyber Security and privacy
Few companies protect their own data and that of their customers effectively. I will show you where the dangers lie and how you can limit and manage the various risks.
Business model innovation
Changing customer behavior, globalization and technological innovations are opportunities for new business models. Find out what this means for your company.
Digital health
Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, disruptive innovations are reaching the healthcare sector at full speed. I can show what is technically feasible and economically viable.
Startup acceleration
In addition to a good business idea, startups need industry expertise and direct access to decision-makers and investors. I support you to reach your goal faster.
Digital marketing
Traditional marketing is increasingly fading into the background, but many companies are still neglecting the digital route to the customer. Take advantage of the many opportunities.

About me

I have been working as a consultant for companies and start-ups for 15 years and am mainly concerned with digital strategies and business models. Since completing my studies in economics and computer science in 2004 (University of M√ľnster and Brisbane), I have been supporting healthcare companies in particular in the development and implementation of market entry and digitization strategies.

I love bringing ideas to life and like rolling up my sleeves to turn strategies into reality. I develop designs and web applications, I am at home in online marketing and like to combine analytical thinking and creativity, and to leave the beaten path.

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Martin Breitsprecher
Digital entrepreneur, strategy consultant and
blockchain expert from Hamburg
The greatest danger in times
of turbulence is not the turbulence;
it is to act with yesterday's logic.
Peter Drucker