Hello. I am an entrepreneur,a founder,a consultant,a developer,a nerd,a musician,a minimalist,a digital nomad,a procrastinator,a hasian,a brit in disguise,a MScIS,

I live in Hamburg and deal with the digitization of business and society.

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Digital economy

Martin Breitsprecher develops digital strategies and innovative business models for companies.


Martin Breitsprecher offers expertise and strategic consultancy regarding the blockchain.

Healthcare business

Martin Breitsprecher operates as a management consultant in the healthcare industry since 2004.


Martin Breitsprecher advises founders on developing strategies and finding the right investors.


Martin Breitsprecher designs pitch documents and develops investor-oriented business plans.


Martin Breitsprecher creates and develops customized web applications and mobile solutions.



Managing Partner

The blockchain introduces a new era of the Internet, similar to the invention of the World Wide Web. Blockruption helps to spread knowledge about the blockchain and is a platform for developing and implementing blockchain strategies.

Lummerland Ventures

Managing Partner

Lummerland Ventures is the engine for great business ideas. Market analysis, business plan, evaluation, foundation, minimum viable product, market entry, investor search: Lummerland Ventures supports founders in an entrepreneurial way and helps to achieve fast results.

Summary Seven


Summary Seven Healthcare Consulting is a management advisory firm focussed on the healthcare market. With an excellent network in the industry, Summary Seven offers market intelligence and competent strategy and transaction consultancy.


Firms and projects

If you would like to find out more about my enterprises, publications, events and other projects, have a look at my Portfolio.

Consulting and seminars

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